John Sotomayor of SotoIP hears the same question a lot:

“Can you take a look at my app and see if it’s patentable?”

John discussed the patent process at RIoT’s most recent Lunch & Learn. He was realistic about the process – stressing that the most important question isn’t necessarily whether something is patentable or not, but whether the patent process will be a worthwhile investment.

John emphasized that the process isn’t necessary for every company. But if software is a keystone in your company’s technology plan and growth plan, John assured listeners that the process can be worth it.

“If you’re betting your business on your software and you’re expecting it to grow, you should definitely pursue a patent,” John said. “Think broadly.”

In his presentation, John outlined different patent types, talked in general about the process and overall resources required, and shared next steps for getting started. For an overview of John’s presentation, check out this recap post by Keith Washo.


SotoIP consulting practice specializes in assisting startups and early growth companies with developing their patent strategy, conducting the patentable discovery process with inventors, and performing patent preparation and prosecution.

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