The importance of continuing to adapt, learn, and upskill in the workplace has become a prevalent “ask” on job postings and with managers. Companies are seeing how employees who are the most agile are the ones to help bridge the gap when adopting new technologies in the workplace. Logically, the future of work is paved with new and emerging technologies.

One such technology on the threshold of exploding is Augmented Reality. It may seem difficult today to imagine AR becoming an active part of your workday, given the fact that smart glasses are not readily available and accessible to the average employee.  But the interesting thing about AR, is that you do not necessarily need a new piece of hardware to use it.

The definition of “augment” is to make greater, make bigger, enhance, supplement, and intensify. When you look at that through the lens of what could be in the workplace, it has an almost limitless potential; the problems it could solve, the workflows it could improve, a way to streamline training and upskilling- all by enhancing what’s already present.


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