The team at Ten10 have a very niche place in IoT and a fantastic service offering. Headquartered in the UK, the RIoT team was so ecstatic to have them join us for a Lunch & Learn to talk about applying continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automation in IoT systems. Ash Gawthorp, Co-Founder of Ten10, and Ben Kirby, Lead Consultant, shared with us a highly technical presentation on automation and performance testing, and showed some live demonstrations.


Having a background in regulatory testing and certification myself, I was excited to see the other side of testing on the software side. Launching a product is a complicated process, be it a software solution or a physical piece of software. Ultimately conducting performance testing should definitely be part of your roadmap from day one. It’s never too early to start performance testing. While performance testing isn’t always required for each product, it’s important to understand the value received by prioritizing it. Performance testing allows you to run through real world applications to better understand what your customers will encounter. It provides key information on how software will scale, which is an important factor to understand as your business grows. During performance testing you will get data that improves overall performance and cost optimization. Lastly, and probably most importantly, you’ll verify that simple code changes are not causing issues in real live deployments. 

Instead of trying to reiterate all of the technical information that Ash and Ben shared, I have a few key takeaways. As you are developing your product, keep in mind the following so you’ll have any easier time during your performance testing:

  • Turn everything into a testable API
  • Use a single framework for reporting, testing and monitoring
  • Collaborating with both the hardware and software side is key

Remember no one ever said that it’s too early to start performance testing!