RIoT is excited to announce RAP XIV – the Spring 2023 cohort of the RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP). RAP XIV will take place at the Gig East Exchange in Wilson, NC.

The RAP XIV cohort is a diverse group of individuals coming from various industries, backgrounds, and cities throughout North Carolina and Arizona.

The startups are working on technology solutions in IoT device development, agriculture, coffee, nutrition, app development, and data analytics. Founders will leverage the diversity of the cohort to learn and grow together over the 12-week intensive program starting February 2023, culminating with a pitch event in April 2023 in Wilson. Learn more about the startups of RAP XIV below.

Calegan Coffee Designs | Wilmington, NC

Calegan Coffee equipment enables every brewer to enjoy the exploration of amazing coffee without the hassle of convoluted recipes and variables. Coffee professionals like roasters and baristas spend years developing coffee recipes to express each coffee’s unique taste, but these recipes can be complex and are rarely communicated to the end consumer. Calegan Coffee’s ecosystem of connected equipment will allow professionals (or any coffee nerd) to easily develop recipes and distribute directly to other users’ equipment. Our equipment can then automatically produce the recorded recipe or guide a manual brewer through an interactive and intuitive user interface.

The Sure Company | Greenville, NC

The Sure Company helps moms decrease their formula spend by 10-20% by providing a complete nutrition alternative offered in a monthly subscription. Our signature blend includes highly-nutritious whole foods just as nature intended, which is why our mission is to nurture by nature. Whatever’s pushing you to find an alternative, whether it’s the need to return to work or supplementing a diet because of intolerances or allergies, Sure has you covered!

Druid Agriculture | Charlotte, NC

Druid Agriculture has developed a simple, affordable camera system that allows farmers to remotely manage and monitor crops so they can solve problems faster and improve yields. The cameras can automatically capture images of a crop’s growth cycle 24/7 to detect signs of plant health, diseases and pests. The systems can be installed in any indoor environment, from multi-acre greenhouses to a grow tent in a basement.

Wyndscreen | Raleigh, NC

Wyndscreen is a revolutionary online platform for researching, buying and selling used vehicles such as cars, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, and commercial equipment. The platform reduces scams, spam, frustration and wasted time all while adding confidence to the transaction.

E-Sports Trainer | Davidson, NC

The E-Sports Trainer is a patented training aid that takes the everyday athlete through the process of becoming better by helping them develop proper muscle memory when playing a sport. When my son Elijah showed an interest in basketball, we went to the park to practice but I didn’t want him to develop bad habits when I was not around and as I looked around I saw others with no one to help them. That’s when the E-Sports Trainer aka (Elijah’s Sports Trainer) was born which pays homage to one of my greatest passions, my son. Its primary function is to correct you in real time if your shooting form is improper. It will give you audio feedback like “keep your elbow tucked in” or “keep your feet shoulder-width apart and shoulders square” until you get it right consistently. What’s more is that it speaks 7 different languages of your choosing.

Saanketh Sound Analytics | Morrisville, NC

Saanketh Sound Analytics is an enterprise analytics platform to gain insights from the plenitude of meetings and conversations teams have to manage their projects. Our AI tracks and measures metrics based on cognitive and emotional responses from conversations enabling team members to be more productive and engaged. With focus on emotions, topics of discussion and action alignment , our tool helps shape a more successful outcome for any project.

AXON | Scottsdale, Arizona

Axon is a technology leader in global public safety. Our moonshot goal is to cut gun-related deaths between police and the public by 50% before 2033. Axon is building the public safety operating system of the future by integrating a suite of hardware devices and cloud software solutions that lead modern policing. Axon’s suite includes TASER energy devices, body-worn cameras, in-car cameras, cloud-hosted digital evidence management solutions, productivity software and real-time operations capabilities. Axon’s growing global customer base includes first responders across international, federal, state and local law enforcement, fire, corrections and emergency medical services, as well as the justice sector, commercial enterprises and consumers.

*Axon is a corporate innovation team leveraging RAP to progress strategic initiatives

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