RIoT is excited to announce its eighth RIoT Accelerator Program cohort, which kicks off in Raleigh, NC on June 9th, 2021! This cohort is not only Raleigh’s sixth RAP cohort, but also its FIRST in-person, post-pandemic cohort, with some teams streaming in virtually.

After a competitive application cycle, SEVEN impressive startups have been chosen to complete the 12-week, equity-free program. This cohort features highly focused technical startups, which is sure to make for fascinating discussions, interesting collaboration and an incredible in-person pitch night later this Fall – stay tuned!

Get to know each of the incredible teams below:


Geometric Data Analytics

Ashlee Valente John Harer

Geometric Data Analytics, a startup out of Duke University, is applying mathematical data fusion approaches to assimilate and fortify public health infectious disease information, and provide comprehensive situational awareness to the global community. Checking public health information is becoming as integral to our lives and planning our days as checking the weather. Supported by an NSF Phase I SBIR, GDA is building a disease monitoring platform that includes data infrastructure for several data sources relevant to infectious disease incidence, transmission risk, and mitigation strategies, and leverages our core mathematical data fusion approaches to assimilate and bolster these data to improve situational awareness.


Ivan AI

Will Armstrong

Ivan AI is a fully automated management solution for rental property owners. Ivan is a virtual property manager who was designed to bridge the gap between self-managing your rental property and hiring a traditional property manager. He is available 24/7 and responds in seconds. He is built with AI and uses automation to fully remove landlord participation from the equation, while keeping costs to roughly half that of the traditional property manager.



John Starke

MyMatR is tackling recycling contamination and waste inefficiencies using a IoT smart waste container that automatically sorts waste at the source of disposal. Founded in 2019 in Raleigh NC, MyMatR has developed the next generation of IoT smart waste containers. This waste container automatically identifies waste and sorts the material into trash or recycling at the source of disposal. This device will be able to reduce recycling contamination, divert material from the landfill, improve waste collection processes and gather real time information on the waste stream.



proup logo

pro-UP is a digital franchise service that reduces the time spent on construction bids from weeks to hours. pro-UP’s well-established product lines uniquely address the entire construction bid lifecycle from discovery to post-award submittals. Their competitive edge is that they provide fully trained staff to clients on an as-needed basis. pro-UP offers a web application currently focused on the construction bidding market, with plans to access additional vertical markets through API licensing. pro-UP plans to provide a client interface allowing direct access to their innovative tasking system and automation tools.



Venus Liles

While video content is taking off in the social media and entertainment fields, it isn’t being fully utilized in day-to-day communications. qcards™ are video sticky notes for everyday life. Using the qcard™ sticker and mobile software platform, a user can add a video message to any object. Rather than the instantaneous delivery of an email or a text, qcard™ videos are synchronous with a particular event trigger, like going to a coffee maker or opening up a love note. qcards™ put the power of video in your hands. 


RoGO Fire

Rod Goossen

RoGO Fire’s mission is to provide life-saving technology in austere areas void of cellular service. RoGO Fire has developed a patented, integrated satellite communications system called FACTS that uses SATCOM and GPS-enabled devices to display vital scene information and communications on lightweight, portable devices for first responders and others working in austere areas. RoGO Fire is the first company in the world to figure out how to send long data strings over Iridium Satellite’s Short-Burst Data transmission protocol. This gives rise to timely, robust critical information delivery and transmission to/from anywhere in the world within seconds. Their system provides end-to-end connectivity to those engaged in wildland fires, disaster relief, military and immigration efforts plus others who need access to information and communications in extreme remote, cellular-denied areas.



Sixfab Founders

Sixfab is a cellular connectivity platform for single board computers. Sixfab Cellular Connectivity Platform includes Sixfab Core (embedded and cloud software), Sixfab Hardware (connectivity electronics), and Sixfab SIM card. With these 3 essential products, customers get an end-to-end cellular connectivity experience for Single Board Computers (such as Raspberry Pi, Google Coral) without having to gain any complex cellular connectivity knowledge.