One War—Two Fronts

The current global crisis has us fighting a two-sided war. We’re fighting for our health, in the grips of a terrible pandemic. We’re also fighting for the economy, doing what we can to support small businesses and fight waves of unemployment.

But the battle isn’t between our health and our economy—the battle is between us and the virus. And as we battle on both fronts, RIoT is brainstorming new ways for us to fight back.

Join us 4/2 at 1pm EST. In this webinar, RIoT will invite experts in the medtech and economic development space to share how they’re fighting for BOTH our health and our economy—not one or the other.

Hear from experts like:

  • Luke Marshall, PhD., Founder & CEO of VitalFlo
  • Denny Lewis, Director, North Carolina Defense Technology (DEFTECH) Transition Office
  • Veronica Creech, Equitable Economic Development at City of Raleigh Municipal Government
  • Tom Snyder, Executive Director, RIoT
  • Rachael Newberry, RIoT Accelerator Program Director, RIoT


Announcing MISSION-R

Making Innovation and Startups Succeed In Our New Reality

RIoT is launching MISSION-R as a brand-new initiative designed to support innovation around public and economic health in the aftermath of COVID-19.

What’s up for grabs for MISSION-R voyagers, aside from saving the world? Idea acceleration, community crowdsourcing, funding for startups, brain trusts for innovation, and so much more.

Don’t miss the launch of MISSION-R, RIoT’s moonshot innovation challenge to build solutions that:

  • Support population health initiatives
  • Sustain startups during the economic recession
  • Boost the economy in times of crisis

Ready to submit your idea to the MISSION-R portal? Click here.

Want to learn more? REGISTER NOW for the 4/2 webinar. Click here.